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From the housekeeping department to engineering, hotel operators have implemented innovative products and processes to save energy and minimize the impact on the environment. Got news or a story idea to share? Contact Glenn Hasek, editor, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at:

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Green Lodging News Adds Ozomax, Inc. as Directory Partner


ODESSA, FLA.—Hasek Communications, the Odessa, Fla.-based publisher of Green Lodging News, welcomes Ozomax, Inc. as a Green Product & Service Directory partner. In 2013 Ozomax developed and patented the Insitu AOP Ozopen (a low voltage electrochemical process that creates a mix of powerful oxidants—in your water from your water). This product was developed specifically for cooling towers, swimming pools and water features. The Insitu AOP Ozopen achieves large amounts of water, chemical and energy savings in each of these applications.

OzoMax Technology Proven in Laboratory Setting


DAHLONEGA, GA.—Breakthrough technology designed to completely eliminate water bourne bacteria legionella, tested by a research chemist at the Centre Des Technologies De L’Eau (CTE) in Montreal, is a proven strategy to save lives and possibly prevent future disease outbreaks. In July 2015, a deadly outbreak of Legionella in New York City claimed 12 lives. Legionella outbreaks have also been recently reported in Illinois, Detroit, Orlando, San Francisco, Maryland, Georgia, Spain, England and Australia.

Earth Friendly Products Now ‘Water Neutral’


CYPRESS, CALIF.—Earth Friendly Products, the maker of ECOS environmentally friendly cleaning products and a leader in sustainable business practices, announces that after six years of actively reducing its water usage, the company is now “water neutral.” Water neutrality is a measure of zero net water usage achieved through reducing water use and funding programs that restore water to critically depleted ecosystems. Water neutrality is part of Earth Friendly Products’ long-term commitment to minimize its environmental impacts.

AtmosAir Tells IAQ Story in New Video


LOS ANGELES—“You’ve probably heard someone say, ‘I’m going outside to get some fresh air’—as if the inside air isn’t fresh. Right? Well often, it’s not.” So begins a new video that tells the story of how untreated indoor air, when emptied of such impurities as allergens, bacteria and other pollutants, dramatically reduces the workplace sickness and absenteeism that are so costly to employers.

Ecolab Named to Dow Jones Index Second Consecutive Year


ST. PAUL, MINN.—Ecolab Inc., a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technology and services, has been named to the 2016 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) North America index, a comprehensive and highly regarded assessment of leading sustainability-driven companies. This is the second consecutive year Ecolab has been named to the North America index, and the company’s third listing since 2012.

Conveyor Dishwasher Report Highlights Machine & Operational Flaws, Opportunities for Significant Energy, Water Savings


NATIONAL REPORT—A field study of rack and flight conveyor dishwashers conducted by Pacific Gas and Electric Company Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) documents the energy and water savings and economic benefits of replacing an old inefficient dishwasher with a new efficient or best-in-class dishwasher. The study, entitled “Conveyor Dishwasher Performance Field Evaluation Report,” highlights how dishwashers become less efficient over time and how many dishwashers fail to operate to their design specifications. Summary data from the nine dishwashers monitored during the study were added to nine other dishwashers previously monitored by FSTC in the last five years. One of the testing sites was the Claremont Hotel, Club and Spa in Berkeley, Calif. A goal of the project was to develop a more accurate commercial dishwasher water and energy use estimate that could provide the foundation on which to base utility incentives, third-party dishwasher retro-commissioning and replacement programs, market transformation initiatives and water heater sizing guidelines. The goal in each test site was to measure the total water and energy use of the conveyor dishwasher and to estimate the operating cost—including water/sewer, gas, and electricity.

Exploring the Electronic Water Conditioning/Water Conservation Connection


NATIONAL REPORT—Electronic devices have changed the way that people work and live, often simplifying complex tasks. The iPhone is said to have combined more than 15 separate devices that Radio Shack offered, and reduced the cost of ownership while decreasing complexity. The water market offers a large set of opportunities to improve conservation using new technologies. Consider the role that chemicals historically have played for controlling water quality and the millions of gallons of hazardous chemicals that are used each day. Electronic devices are able to reduce water and chemical use by over 50 percent. Cooling towers in the United States use trillions of gallons of water per year to keep building temperatures comfortable. They require three or more separate chemicals to maintain efficient operations by controlling mineral scaling, biological activity, and corrosion. Traditional control measures require chemicals specific to each problem, many of which are hazardous. Chemically treated water cannot easily be reused, so it is discarded into a sanitary sewer after brief use.

Premium, Greener, Healthier, Allergy-Conscious Guestrooms Getting More Attention


NATIONAL REPORT—Two months ago, Delos announced the expansion of its Stay Well hotel room program into six Marriott hotels in the United States. According to Paul Scialla, Founder and CEO of Delos, the Marriott properties are the first hotel additions to the Stay Well program since October 2012. It was then that Delos landed the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as a client. (Delos has since launched a Stay Well Meetings program.) Stay Well rooms feature a number of upgrades to enhance the health and quality of a room environment—water purification, vitamin C infused shower, mattress and pillow encasements, etc. Stay Well rooms at the six Marriott hotels will be available for approximately $30 per night above prevailing rates. The notion of packaging together a group of green amenities and features, with the idea of making a guestroom healthier and more eco-friendly, and even deserving of a higher rate, is not a new one. For at least 10 years, PURE Solutions NA has worked with hotels around the world to offer PURE Rooms.

ChlorKing Offers New Line of Salt Chlorinators


NORCROSS, GA.—ChlorKing’s new Chlor MSM (Mini Switch Mode) line of salt chlorinators is designed to meet the lower capacity needs of spas and smaller commercial pools, such as those at hotels and motels, while giving them the operating efficiencies and safety benefits offered for larger pools by the company’s Chlor SM (Switch Mode) line. Two models are available: Chlor MSM2 for spas and pools holding up to 2,500 gallons of water and Chlor MSM5 for pools holding up to 75,000 gallons.

What You Need to Know About Ozone Cleaning


OMAHA, NEB.—A recent check using Google Trends, which indicates how often a particular search-term is used, revealed that the term “cleaning with aqueous ozone” is receiving more than a third more queries today it than it did in July 2015. The search term was used more than 79,400 times a year ago; as of June 1, 2016 it has already been used more than 114,280 times.

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