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University Studies Reveal Cleaning Benefits of Aqueous Ozone


OMAHA, NEB.—The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) recently released two studies titled, “Qualification of Surface Disinfection using Aqueous Ozone Generated by CleanCore Technologies Ozone Systems.” These studies indicate aqueous ozone cleaning systems can prove very effective at eliminating colony-forming units (CFUs) of both E. coli and listeria from hard surfaces. These bacteria can produce food poisoning-type symptoms that can be very harmful and even result in death.

GE Introduces Newly Designed Zoneline Air Conditioners


LOUISVILLE, KY.— Ask a hotel front desk employee or read an online review to learn quickly that temperature and noise are two of the biggest complaint opportunities for guests, and both can result from a faulty air conditioner. Hospitality industry data proves that when guests are not pleased with the temperature or noise of their room, two-thirds are unlikely to return to the hotel, and one-third are unlikely to recommend a hotel.

AirRevive Refurbishes Little Rock Marriott’s Guestroom A/C Units


LITTLE ROCK, ARK.—AirRevive, a leader in sustainable HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services for the hospitality industry, announced its completion of a guestroom fan coil unit refurbishment project for the Little Rock Marriott. Marriott engaged AirRevive to refurbish the guestroom’s Whalen fan coil units after the property’s $16 million dollar renovation in 2014. The renovation included upgrading the guestrooms to Marriott’s new design. The only former asset remaining was the 35-year-old Whalen fan coil units.

Assured Environments Celebrates 81 Years of Pest Management


NEW YORK—Leading pest management company Assured Environments is celebrating 81 years of business. A new video offers insight into the Assured Environments story. Beginning with the organization’s founding in the 1930s, the film provides an in-depth look at how the third generation company continues to build its legacy through environmentally conscious practices, utilizing highly educated staff entomologists and delivering comprehensive pest solutions for commercial property owners.

Onset Paper Focuses on Managing Carbon Dioxide Risk


BOURNE, MASS.—Onset, a leader in data loggers, announced the availability of a new white paper, “Managing Carbon Dioxide Risk: What You Should Know.” Developed by Onset and Greg Lowitz, CEO and founder of the structural forensics firm Buildera, this 13-page guide explains the risks associated with elevated carbon dioxide levels and discusses how data logging can be a cost-effective indicator of degraded indoor air quality and sick-building syndrome.

Vendors Innovate to Stop & Detect Toilet Leaks, Prevent Related Flooding


NATIONAL REPORT—Experts agree that, at any one time, about 15 to 20 percent of toilets are leaking. They leak for many different reasons—faulty fill valves, bad fill valve seals, corrosion and faulty flappers are some examples. Leaks often go undetected by guests, housekeepers and maintenance personnel. One leaky toilet can lose about 75,000 gallons of water annually. This adds significantly to water and sewage costs. In some instances leaks can result in flooding—an even more expensive scenario for a hotel owner. At least two companies have developed solutions to either stop toilet leaks or detect them so that costs can be controlled and proper maintenance performed. The first company, Sarasota, Fla.-based Aqua Mizer Inc. has developed toilet tank fill valves designed to prevent the tank from refilling in the presence of a leak and to turn off the fill valve if a flood should occur. The product line also includes specially designed 2" adjustable flappers and 3" rigid flappers with replaceable gaskets. Aqua Mizer says its system, on average, can reduce water waste by 20 percent.

Clorox Becomes Signatory to United Nations Global Compact


OAKLAND, CALIF.—The Clorox Co. announced it has become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate responsibility (CR) initiative. Signatories pledge to support and promote 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Sports Great Rick Barry to Assist PathoSans at HX


WHEATON, ILL.—Sports legend Rick Barry, one of the 50 greatest players, scorers and free-throw shooters in NBA history, will assist PathoSans Cleaning Technologies, at PathoSans Booth #2355 at HX: The Hotel Experience on November 8 to 10, 2015, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. He will be on hand inviting PathoSans booth visitors to win prizes by joining him in shooting free throws, but mainly will help attendees learn about the PathoSans cleaning system.

Excel Dryer Introduces ThinAir Hand Dryer


EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS.—Excel Dryer, Inc. introduces the new ThinAir Hand Dryer, a high-efficiency surface-mounted model that protrudes no more than four inches from the wall, making it ADA-Compliant. ThinAir dries hands in 15 seconds, operates on 960 watts. “The ThinAir Hand Dryer eliminates the need to recess the dryer into a restroom wall to achieve ADA compliance, which is beneficial for facilities with walls that are difficult to modify,” said Excel Dryer Vice President of Marketing, William Gagnon.

Hand Dryer Makers Innovate to Reduce Energy Consumption, Improve Hygiene


NATIONAL REPORT—Earlier this summer hand dryer maker Dyson Inc. released an e-mail linking to a video that demonstrates how one of its competitor’s hand dryers can potentially blow washroom air containing bacteria, viruses and even fecal matter onto your hands. Of its competitor’s hand dryer, the video said, “It sucks in the dirty air and blows it straight onto your hands so you think your hands are clean…but are they?” Other Dyson videos focusing on two other competing hand dryers make similar claims—that the two dryers just redistribute dirty air. Whether true or not, what the videos show is how much more complicated and confusing a hand dryer buying decision has gotten in recent years. In this highly competitive space there are many different types of hand dryers from which to choose—“eco” models, ones with sophisticated filters, “hands in” dryers that require emptying of water, ones touting anti-bacterial coatings, and even ones with LEDs incorporated into the design.

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