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Profits go down the drain, literally, when water is not conserved. Fortunately, there are many measures that can be taken to reduce consumption. Green Lodging News highlights the latest news and best practices. Got news or a story idea to share? Contact Glenn Hasek, editor, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at: editor@greenlodgingnews.com.

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Exploring the Electronic Water Conditioning/Water Conservation Connection


NATIONAL REPORT—Electronic devices have changed the way that people work and live, often simplifying complex tasks. The iPhone is said to have combined more than 15 separate devices that Radio Shack offered, and reduced the cost of ownership while decreasing complexity. The water market offers a large set of opportunities to improve conservation using new technologies. Consider the role that chemicals historically have played for controlling water quality and the millions of gallons of hazardous chemicals that are used each day. Electronic devices are able to reduce water and chemical use by over 50 percent. Cooling towers in the United States use trillions of gallons of water per year to keep building temperatures comfortable. They require three or more separate chemicals to maintain efficient operations by controlling mineral scaling, biological activity, and corrosion. Traditional control measures require chemicals specific to each problem, many of which are hazardous. Chemically treated water cannot easily be reused, so it is discarded into a sanitary sewer after brief use.

Gerber Backs Up Performance Claims with Demo Video


WOODRIDGE, ILL.—Gerber, an industry leader in high performing plumbing fixtures, is on a mission to dispel the myth that water efficient toilets cannot perform well. The brand’s recent demonstration video features its leading Avalanche toilet (Model # WS-21-818), which operates at 1.28 gallons per minute/4.8 liters per minute. In the video, the WaterSense certified Avalanche comfortably flushes 4,600 grams of water balloons (4 to 5 times more than what is required to earn the prestigious certification).

HMH Progressing Well on its ECO Vision 2020


DUBAI, U.A.E.—HMH is progressing well on its ECO Vision 2020 with the aim of reducing energy and water consumption at the various hotels managed by the group by 20 percent year over year. Laurent A. Voivenel, CEO of HMH—Hospitality Management Holdings, said, “We have been conducting regular audits across our properties to measure, manage and reduce our carbon footprint. We have developed practical, cost-effective strategies to reduce our carbon footprint by upgrading infrastructure and changing behaviors. Actions such as these are critical to mitigating the devastating impact of climate change on people and nature.”

Cold Water Washing: Opportunities for Significant Water, Energy Savings


NATIONAL REPORT—With many areas of the United States experiencing from abnormally dry to exceptional drought conditions this summer, many hoteliers are taking a close look at opportunities for water savings. One area of operations where there is an opportunity to reduce water use significantly is the laundry. At least two companies—P&G Professional and Ecolab USA—are gaining traction with programs that not only save water but also reduce energy consumption and extend linen life as well. P&G Professional’s Tide Professional Coldwater Laundry System helps reduce the water used in a commercial washer by up to 40 percent. Ecolab’s Aquanomic Laundry Program also promises up to 40 percent water savings. Chris Gaunt, P&G Professional Hospitality Manager for North America, says more than 700 hotel properties throughout North America are now using the Tide Professional Coldwater Laundry System. The system is available to programmable machines. “As with all on-premise laundry products, it’s installed by our service organization so that it is set up perfectly,” Gaunt says.

Fe3 Training Now Available for Foodservice Professionals


SAN RAMON, CALIF.—According to fishnick, it has launched its Fe3 online sustainability training for foodservice professionals. Fe3 (Foodservice Energy Efficiency Expert) is an online training program designed specifically to educate and certify foodservice professionals in the fundamentals of energy and water efficiency for commercial foodservice. A few years ago, the fishnick team started the discussion of creating certification training for foodservice professionals that would be delivered on an e Learning platform. Fishnick enlisted a small team to help execute the idea and bring Fe3 to life.

New E-Commerce Site Shopmarketnet.com Launches


PALATINE, ILL.—Shopmarketnet.com, a new e-commerce website, has been launched by MarketNet Associates LLC (MAI), an authorized distributor of products in the plumbing and service industries. Shopmarketnet.com stocks and sells a variety of soap and bathroom products for hotels, inns and lodges, including soap dispensers, soap dispenser refills, grid strainers, p-traps, flush valves, faucets and shower drains. The user-friendly website is designed to make ordering refills and products easier for plumbers, contractors, facility owners or anyone in the industry.

More Than 8,000 Properties Included in New Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Report


ITHACA, N.Y.—Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) has released the latest benchmarks from an ongoing international project to create default sustainability data for the global hotel industry. The report, “Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index 2016: Energy, Water, and Carbon,” led by Eric Ricaurte in collaboration with 11 global hotel firms, analyzes data provided for 8,880 properties. The report, which details the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmark Index (CHSB), is available at no charge from the CHR at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. “By adding new segmentation by climate and hotel type, we have strengthened our industry-centric approach to this effort, given the realization that a practical benchmark must start within specific locations and segments, rather than trying to compare all properties,” said Ricaurte. He pointed out that the hotel sustainability study’s goal is to build a representative database that provides raw benchmarks as a base for industry comparisons and data integration. The results are presented in the CHSB2016 Index report, where users can obtain the range of benchmarks for energy consumption, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions for hotels within specific segments and geographic locations.

Maytag Unveils New Front-Load Washer


ST. JOSEPH, MICH.—The new Maytag Commercial Laundry Single-Load, Front-Load Washer is now available. Powered by an enhanced drive system, the high-efficiency machine uses approximately 10.71 gallons of water per cycle. “The machine’s enhancements help deliver outstanding efficiency, qualifying it for the Energy Star designation and making it an ideal choice for owners and route operators looking to boost their bottom line,” said Trey Northrup, General Manager of Maytag Commercial Laundry.

Geberit Unveils New Monolith Design for Wall-Hung Toilets


DES PLAINES, ILL.—The next generation Monolith system for wall-hung toilets adds new color selections, umber and sand, to its existing design palette. The new iridescent safety glass finishes join white and black options already available. The award-winning Monolith system also features a new “shadow gap” design for a tailored and fresh look.

Chicago Faucets Introduces New 3600 Series Metering Faucets


DES PLAINES, ILL.—Chicago Faucets, a leading manufacturer of commercial faucets, introduces its new 3600 Series. The 3600 Series is the latest addition to the Chicago Faucets Metermix line of metering faucets. All 3600 Series faucets feature user-adjustable temperature control for a superior hand washing experience. Chicago Faucets’ MVP metering cartridge, the heart of the 3600 Series, provides precise water flow, automatic shut-off, and adjustable run time to save water with every use.

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